3+3+3 Years of MD3


MD3 completed 9 years of existence! Providing IT solutions in the national & international market, MD3 bets on outsourcing as its main core.

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in 26.10.2021

MD3 was born in 2012, in Leiria, with the aim of presenting IT solutions in the national and international market, betting on outsourcing as the main core of the company.

Quickly saw its team of 2 developers grow, while new customers trusted the company's know-how for diversified projects.

Shortly thereafter, the need to create a department specializing in design and communication, MD3 Studio, made the company's services even more diversified.

Nine years of history

Now, with 9 years of experience, MD3 has a daily team of 25 professionals, divided into developers, support engineers, designers, community managers, project managers, and accounts, who support national and international client projects.

Websites, Branding, Social Media Management, Ecommerce, Software, Apps, Cloud Services… You name it, we got it!

Pre-decade Celebration

On October, 22nd, the day began with a reinforced breakfast for 22 of the company's employees, that for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, gathered at the "Casa" to celebrate the company's birthday.

Little by little, the illustrious guests arrived, and joined in for a face-to-face "hello" with the teammates, while António, Joana and Sara amiably prepared and served the first meal of the day.

First, people gathered for "food and drinks", then for the team building and a moment of reflection on the past years and the years to come.

For the team building, the main goal was to work on Trust, by relying on a teammate's directions with the eyes shut until reaching the winning post. Basically, in our day-to-day life... every day we build trusting relationships between colleagues, the company's directors and customers.


In short, from the most recent to the oldest employee, the common feeling is belonging, family, mutual help, trust, communication, a good atmosphere and space for personal and professional growth within the company.

Here is this beautiful statement, which represents us

MD3 has a pleasant atmosphere, a clean and youthful energy. This (company) is hard to find! Don't take it for granted. I've been through several companies and none is like this one. Strive every day to give your best! We are still united. We are still the same pre-pandemic team.

Experienced and wise person that we always listen carefully

What do we want for the 10 years mark?

  1. A swimming pool in the backyard of the Casa - We still haven't given up on the idea!
  2. A live and colour meeting once a month at the Casa;
  3. Perhaps an event at Mediatree in Paris! ;)

Happy birthday, MD3!

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This article was written by Inês Paraíso, Marketing & Communication Manager at MD3. Inês is the bridge between our customers and the MD3 team. Looks for new opportunities to show our work, including on internal social networks. She is very fond of writing and has a gift for putting ideas into words. In fact, she says that words are always magic and have the power to reveal worlds!