Inside the APM Project Team


We got to know the APM project team - MD3's outsourcing teamwork dedicated to this French company.

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in 25.10.2019

We got to know the APM project team - MD3's teamwork is dedicated to this French company!

APM project is the Progress Management Association. It is an association that brings together about 8,000 business executives who want to develop their knowledge of entrepreneurship and learn new methods, practices and technologies, always being updated about the market.

This company wanted to start a process of digitization for its technologies (website, app) and contacted MD3 for this purpose, in the development (databases) and the image itself (design). This project follow-up came two years ago in order to improve the exchange and communication system with APM members and animators. It continues today and has evolved positively.

At MD3 there is a professional team that dedicates its work to APM and is destined to develop all this content: Python programming, API development, and data model creation, among others.

Led by scrum master Jonatan Pedrosa are four people working directly - APM project team - with this client: António Lopes, Sara Tomaz, Ricardo Pinto and Sérgio Bernardo, all in the backend area. Indirectly and in the areas of frontend, web design and tester, also collaborate with Ricardo Ferreira, Ana and Joana Vieira, respectively. 

With an extensive team, "the best way to motivate is the challenge" according to Jonatan Pedrosa. "We can quickly get into a programming routine, but with some technical challenges, it allows us to escape this routine." When asked about his team's virtues, Jonatan Pedrosa explained that the highest quality is commitment: "we all dedicate ourselves to this project as if it were ours".

All employees enjoy teamwork and this makes work and daily challenges easier. Almost everyone points out that the APM project has greatly improved since MD3's involvement. Project users now have lighter technology, that allows easier and faster navigation. It's also responsive on all mobile devices, delivering the touch of modernity that users are looking for. 

This is one of our most important customers. Much APM work is guaranteed by MD3, which explains the importance of daily involvement in this project. In the future new features for APM may be created. And of course, you'll find a strong and motivated team to bring the project to success!