We are an IT solutions company.

Together we break through the borders of technology to transform common businesses into something extraordinary. Following an Agile approach, we are committed to creating innovative digital products from scratch or assisting your team remotely.

MD3 IT solutions team gathering in the office's garden, during Summer
Team gathering in the MD3 headquarters garden
MD3's IT solutions team team building

We’ve fully adapted to working remotely. First, because we had to, and then because we wanted to! Our office continues to be a meeting point for the teams to meet with customers.

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md3 technolology Inês Paraíso Kill Bill avatar pic
Inês Paraíso

Marketing & Communication Manager

MD3 technology Jorge Silva Sebastian the Crab avatar
Jorge Silva

Digital Designer

MD3 technology Kelly Nunes avatar
Kelly Nunes

Junior Digital Marketeer

MD3 technology João Santos avatar
João Santos

Web Developer

MD3 technology Joaquim Sequeira Lucky Luke avatar
Joaquim Sequeira

Technical Support

MD3 technology Karim Fernandes Universe avatar
Karim Fernandes

Technical Support

MD3 technology Ricardo Pinto Deadpool avatar
Ricardo Pinto

Software Developer

MD3 technology Nelson Sousa avatar
Nelson Sousa

Software Developer

MD3 technology Diogo Santos avatar
Diogo Santos

Software Developer

MD3 technology Diogo Gouveia avatar
Diogo Gouveia

Software Developer

MD3 technology Joana Vieira avatar
Joana Vieira

QC Tester

MD3 technology Marco Sá Yoda avatar
Marco Sá

Software Developer

MD3 technology André Clemente avatar
André Clemente

Software Developer

MD3 technology Miguel Rogério avatar
Miguel Rogério

Software Developer

MD3 technology João Gonçalves Rambo avatar
João Gonçalves

Software Developer

MD3 Technology Sérgio Bernardo Dino Avatar
Sérgio Bernardo

Software Developer

MD3 Technology Milene Silva Big Bird Avatar
Milene Silva


Emerson Nunes

Software Developer

Alexandra Santos

Executive Sales Consultant

It could be you!
It could be you!

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Building a Legacy

Ten Years in service

In 2022, MD3 celebrated its 10th anniversary.
Located in the center of Portugal, namely in Leiria, MD3 is an outsourcing IT solutions company ready to help clients boost their businesses, making them grow in the digital world.

When it was created in 2012, the core business was software development, systems administration, and 24/7 technical support, 365 days a year, serving the leading company, Mediatree, based in Paris.

The turnover quickly grew, and so did the IT solutions team.

To respond customer needs, MD3 included Design and later Marketing in its services.
Today, with offices in Portugal, we work with brands from all over the world, in more than 14 countries.

Our skills include the development of detailed wireframes, an interdisciplinary team, a focus on user experience, a complete and fully independent final product, quality assurance, and state-of-the-art technology.