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Apm allows meetings between members to share experiences and knowledge, and MD3 has a dedicated team that finds online solutions […]

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in 17.07.2020

Apm allows meetings between members to share experiences and knowledge, and MD3 has a dedicated team that finds online solutions for its realization.

Apm is an association, based in France, whose mission is management progress (Apm - Associacion Progrès du Management). It is an association that brings together about 8,000 executives from companies that wish to develop the knowledge of entrepreneurship and learn new methods, practices and technologies, always being updated on the market.

The Association is made up of 305 reflection clubs and training groups, spread across 23 countries. It is an independent network dedicated to Apm member entrepreneurs, whose aim is to share knowledge and professional skills without commercial purposes.

MD3 Challenge

This company wanted to start a digitization process for its technologies (website and app) and contacted MD3 for that purpose, in terms of development (databases) and brand image (design).

The MD3 team assigned to the Apm project emerged three years ago, in order to improve the exchange and communication system with APM members and animators. It continues today and has evolved at a good pace.

01. Renew the existing mobile application: an app that is a few years old and had several problems, such as the restricted use of functions and very slow processing.

02. Creation of a mobile application for IOS and Android, more agile and accessible to users.

03. Access and service management with specific resources for the user in a single online platform.

MD3 Solutions

01. A development team set up, with a product owner, scrum master, software architect and software developers.

At MD3 there is a professional team that dedicates 85% of its work to APM and is destined to develop all the contents, including Python programming, API development, creation of data models, etc.

02. An Agile approach to development.

MD3's teams are specialized in Agile Methodology as a way of managing clients' projects, respecting a process of creation, testing and analysis, for quality control, confidentiality and intellectual property rights, taking as a starting point the briefing and needs identified in collaboration with the client.

03. Development of a new mobile application and a responsive, efficient and effective platform for all users, which allows the quick response to APM members and the collection of relevant internal information.

04. Technologies: Python, Elasticsearch, Ionic 3 and Dockers, among others.


01. Development of Apm's mobile application, based on the interface design provided by Apm, with creative freedom for better legibility and user experience.

02. Development of the APM Platform.

03. Optimization of the user experiences for a better performance of the application, making it more modern and current.

04. The application and the APM Platform are capable of processing a larger volume of data, allowing better accessibility for its users, whether they are looking for information for an event, biographical data, or any other specific information.

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Apm App
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Apm app is available for download on iOS and Android
Apm Platform
Apm Platform
Apm Platform Backoffice

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