Monsieur L.

Website & Apps

We’ve fully adapted to work remotely. First because we had to, and then because we wanted to! The Casa continues to be a meeting point for the teams or to meet with clients.

Work/ Monsieur L. is an e-commerce website developed in Shopify that offers an inclusive contemporary take on classic men’s shoe design.

Behind the understated elegance of the initial L is Alain Leber, the brand’s founder. Alain Leber has designed for many years for iconic luxury brands such as Michel Perry, J.M. Weston or Louis Vuitton and Burberry and for a long time, he was in charge of the shoe collections Alain decided to create his brand. (in

MD3 STUDIO was responsible for adapting the design created by the Nuitblanche team, developing the brand’s online store on the Shopify platform and translations.