The challenges of Smart Cities in Portugal

The European Union defines Smart Cities as the interaction between people and technological systems, which use energy, materials, services and […]

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in 17.11.2020

The European Union defines Smart Cities as the interaction between people and technological systems, which use energy, materials, services and resources in a sustainable way.

Municipalities are increasingly investing in technology to improve municipal management and provide their citizens with a better quality of life and sustainability of spaces.

It is the data that supports decision-making, the extraction of valuable insights that allow optimizing urban planning and the creation of intelligent and dynamic systems to maximize the efficiency of municipal services. ” (...) Smart cities generate huge volumes of data from sensors and other devices. Integrating, storing and analyzing this data in real-time requires a great deal of computing power, which is not possible without resources for cloud computing services that assist in the process. It is also necessary that the computational resources are scalable, not only over time, to allow the integration of new workloads in the future, but also in short periods of time (...) ”.

Pilar Torres, AWS Ibéria Public Sector Director, in Smart Living, IT Insight Magazine, 10/11/2020, Author Margarida Bento

MD3's innovative response in partnership with Qumulo

Regarding the storage and management of unstructured data in a scalable hybrid cloud, MD3 joins Qumulo in order to share the know-how, innovation, excellence and sustainable digitalization process of the most demanding public and private organizations in Portugal.

How Qumulo can help to build Smart Cities?

  • The Qumulo platform is the only one that allows the visibility of all information in real-time, allowing “valuable insights” to create smart cities. On a municipal scale, data security is a highly sensitive issue.
  • Qumulo has a highly efficient automatic encryption service, saves physical and financial resources, does not compromise on a good performance and, all of this, integrated into the standard subscription of the service.
  • Qumulo's versatility allows the management of large volumes of small and other large files that require a very powerful performance capacity in which the elimination of delays and bottlenecks is guaranteed! The common interface of the cloud and data centre radically facilitates the process of viewing and managing, moving and analyzing file data. The IT Manager has the possibility to automate workloads and machine learning technology is also an innovation at Qumulo.
  • Any initial implementation is quick and simple, without the client having to make upgrades to its equipment and without running the risk of incompatibility between the applications it uses with the Qumulo system.
  • The exclusive line for customers, available 24/7, gives IT managers enormous comfort since they know that we do not work to account for closed tickets, but for the delight of the customer, with whom we work together and are there, whenever necessary, providing engineering teams who know the entire product developed by Qumulo, as well as its real impact on each company.
  • The scalability of Qumulo's hybrid cloud solution gives you complete freedom of growth as you go. In addition, the entire usable storage space is in fact used 100%, as is not the case with existing architectures on the market, of construction, based on obsolete models and prior to the very existence of the cloud.

This solution is revolutionizing the scalable hybrid cloud data storage market in Portugal and driving major global leaders in sectors such as Media and Entertainment, Banking, Education, Scientific Research, Medicine, Public and Governmental Entities, Engineering Projects and others, whose success must have an infrastructure of great reliability and performance at its base.

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This article was written by Paula Félix, sales assistant at @ md3.

Paula was a Microsoft Office trainer for 10 years and Commercial Representative in several multinationals, in sectors such as IT and HR. She is passionate about people, for communicating and breaking ground in the search of successful partnerships, where both parties win.