The pursuit of happiness


The business mindset has changed and never before has the productivity result been so closely associated with the happiness of teams.

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in 17.06.2021

The business mindset has changed and never before has the productivity result been so closely associated with the happiness of teams.

From people to people 

Over the last few years, much has been said about the impact of work happiness on companies, as a result of the concern with human nature and the interest in work functions. An organization is essentially made up of people, thus, if people are happy, they make the organization happy and, consequently, more productive, effective and profitable, becoming a competitive differential in the business world.

The famous psychologist Martin Seligman points out five key aspects of an individual's full well-being: positive emotion, engagement, relationships, purpose, and achievement.

Undoubtedly, we all recognize the importance of general well-being for a good performance in professional activity, whatever it may be. 

How the “we” improve the “I”!

MD3's Team Building at Pia da Ovelha, Reguengo do Fétal, Leiria

At MD3 and Studio, we all recognize the importance of feeling good as individuals and as a team. Therefore, we often share in our social media the activities or team buildings we do internally, in order to inspire co-workers, clients and followers. Happiness attracts happiness! 

To bridge the gap of face-to-face contact, every day our team meets virtually, adding to professional issues the humanity that is indispensable to us. Although physically distant, we are present, we give and receive smiles, and embrace the soul! 

In addition to the stand-up meeting, every morning one employee challenged the others to a moment of physical activity (and not only!). The initial idea for this activity was to fight sedentarism, quite usual in our area of expertise, but it quickly became something much bigger - more human warmth, good mood and relaxation that are the necessary boost for a productive day at work! For example, in the midst of lounges and push-ups, we have Wednesday with yoga and Friday with a few minutes of meditation. 

The positive feedback is unanimous: everything flows better after this group exercise!

We keep in touch from a distance and make work not just a set of functions and tasks, but an extra family, where we can grow together, have fun, learn, and be an asset to our business partners, promoting a light and cheerful state of mind, assertive and focused on excellence.

Bye, Bye Burnout! Hello, World! 

More and more companies are investing in practical health and wellness content for their employees. 

To prevent burnout by trying different activities and routines, such as allowing pets to accompany their owners on their workday, play and leisure rooms, mindfulness, coaching, and crowdsourcing, among others.

We talked here about happiness, not about productivity in itself. One naturally generates the other. Added to this result comes to the sustainability of the companies.

Turnover decreases because people feel good about themselves and about their team. Customers see the corporate environment and feel contagious. 

Each happy employee becomes an ambassador for his company, brand, or service/product. Even after they leave to embrace other challenges.