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In March 2021, MD3 decided to challenge all company staff to do a 10 minutes workout. The goal was to make people move at least for 10 minutes a day.

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in 05.04.2022

In March 2021, MD3 decided to challenge all company staff to do a 10 minutes workout. The goal was to make people move at least for 10 minutes to break the sedentary life that the current world state forces us to start to have, which gets worse because of the type of job that most people already have within this company!


This is how we do it

Our modus operandi was simple: every day at 10h30, we "get together" in google meet, speak a bit just to put all the latest gossip up to date and then we go straight to the exercises!

We started with a simple leg challenge from (a great free workout site), but after five days, people felt the burn and asked to include more body parts.


So before legs and upper body exercise challenge was also added, which also after another week people start to feel monotonous… from this point, we start to check on the day what people feel that they wanted/needed to do, this means in one day it could be legs the next abs, …

80's soundtrack jams never fail us

Since these exercises were from a sheet (image) it was a little bit boring for us just to sync and do it plainly. To overcome this issue people began to have an important role and started to be personal trainers and motivators!

First, it was Rodrigo Sá Pessoa with his funny sentences and captivating expressions and then it was Pedro Lucas with his strong attitude and of course, 80's soundtrack jams that never fail us!

To be honest both of them could just open a thematic 80's gym and I'm quite sure that would be a success! Although they were the main PTs others also had the opportunity to lead the workouts as well.


After three months through a survey, people had the chance to express how they felt about the activity and how it could be improved. In general, people liked it but they felt that was missing a structure or planning. So a workout plan was created:







Type of exercise

Upper Body (arms, core and abs)

Legs, cardio and or HIIT

Yoga and or Flexibility

Legs, cardio and or HIIT

Upper Body (arms, core and abs) and some Mindfulness (max 5 mins)

We've become the PTs

Once we had the plan created instead of just relying on and having colleagues do the PT sessions we started to watch youtube videos and the exercises became widely large! People continue deciding on the day what they wanted to do but respect the plan which makes them feel more motivated I guess.

One year passes by and there are still a few people committed to it daily what is cool about this is since it is not mandatory people are more than free to come to exercise or just come to talk about random stuff like if they were in a coffee shop which ends up to be some sort of mental exercise…

Since February instead of following the previous plan we are taking a 10 minutes 30 days Yoga challenge with Kassandra that end’s up focusing on different body parts daily.

A small list of the channels and sites that we used daily during the last year:

Although they will never see this I want to thank and all the people on the links above because they provided free and good content! Also to all of my colleagues that have been present at the sessions and a special thanks to Rodrigo Sá Pessoa and Pedro Lucas for all the funny moments and 80s jams!

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